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Weaving & Spinning

Protocols for Operating During COVID-19

(last updated June 24, 2021)


To enable the limited reopening the Executive of Kingcrafts has developed General Operating Protocols.   This memo provides additional protocols specific to the weaving and spinning group.


Weaving and Spinning Specific Protocols


  1. Members will adhere to all Kingcrafts General Operating Protocols, and as adapted to changing circumstances.

  2. Scheduling of individual assigned times will be done using the online/website system only, on Wednesday or as “open” time is available.

  3. Members are encouraged to make warps, wind bobbins, and do other prep work at home to minimize use of Kingcrafts equipment.

  4. Do not enter the workstations and areas in use by other groups.

  5. When weather allows, windows should be opened to provide fresh air to the area.  They must be closed before leaving and the latching mechanism sanitized.

  6. Magazines and books are not available for use during this initial period.


Use of Looms and Equipment

  1. Looms will all be cleaned and sanitized following window replacement and the equipment has been located to its permanent or stored locations.   Cleaning and sanitizing will be as recommended by “Handwoven” magazine article.

  2. Looms will be assigned by the convenor, or her designate.  No two people will work on a loom within one seven-day period.

  3. Other than looms, members are encouraged to bring their own equipment, ready for use, for example, shuttles, hooks, scissors, tape measures, etc.

  4. Weavers should keep their own or Kingcraft equipment needed for the project at hand at the assigned bench while the loom is assigned to her.  Do not take any equipment from any other assigned workstation.

  5. Any Kingcrafts’ equipment which is used must be sanitized with the material provided before it is replaced in its storage location.

  6. All wastes must be taken home by the member at the end of her booked session.

  7. Floor looms, except the Minerva, will be set up so the weaver is at least six (6) feet from weaving positions at other looms.  Looms must not be moved.  When a weaver is setting up a loom, it is her responsibility to make sure she stays at least six (6) feet from other weavers and spinners at their workstations.  This may require weavers to coordinate their scheduling from time to time.

  8. For the Minerva, table looms and spinning wheels, members must select a position on the floor or a table so that the member is at least six (6) feet from other members.  The equipment must be sanitized and put away (or taken home) at the end of the booked time.

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