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FOB Access Policy


  • Deposit of $20 per FOB required.  The deposit will be returned when the functioning FOB is returned to the studio for re-distribution.

  • Policy and procedure online form must be filled out prior to receiving FOB

  • The last person leaving the building must leave the studio neat & tidy and make sure all doors & windows are locked (regardless if you didn’t open them).  Note:  Front door will automatically lock behind you, but it is your responsibility to confirm it is fully closed and locked.  (i.e. nothing obstructing it from closing... carpet, large granite rock, etc…)

  • If you are having trouble with your FOB please contact Linda or Tanya (we may be able to resolve the issue over the phone and can open the door remotely)

  • If your FOB is lost, please let us know ASAP so we can deactivate it.  If you find it again, we can easily reactivate it… Better to be Safe than Sorry!

  • Do not identify the actual FOB as belonging to Kingcrafts by writing or putting a sticker on it.  If found/stolen by someone we would not want them to know exactly what establishment they have access to.

  • FOB cannot be shared or loaned to anyone.

  • If you are no longer a Kingcrafts member or have not renewed your membership by July 30th your FOB will be deactivated.

  • Kingcrafts has the right to remove or limit access of any member at any time.

  • Be respectful of groups working upstairs.

    • In the winter, please try to open the door manually vs the accessibility wave to limit the open time and keep cold air to a minimum.  (…and similarly on hot summer days)

    • Only the first person arriving should enter via the front door (unless for physical reasons) then they can proceed to the side door and unlock for remaining members.

  • Please remove boots/messy shoes upon entry at front door to keep carpet cleaning to a minimum.



Some things to keep in mind:

  • It will lock behind you…. let me repeat that… IT WILL LOCK BEHIND YOU!

  • Make sure to keep your FOB in your pocket while at the studio so you do not lock yourself out.



The door works like this:

To go in to the studio...

1.  Swipe the fob on the reader at the front door. 

      The blue light will turn green when door is unlocked.

2.  Pull the handle and open the door or wave your hand across the accessibility sensor and the door will open for you.

  • If the door is opened for you by the accessibility button, it will stay open for 10 seconds.

  • If you wave your hand multiple times on the accessibility button it will add time to the 10 seconds.



To leave the studio...

1.  Pull the door handle and walk out, it will lock behind you.


2.  Wave in front of the accessibility button and it will open for you to walk out.  It will stay open for 10 seconds then close and lock. 

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