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(last updated July 29, 2020)



We are hoping to resume use of our facility after the new windows are installed and post installation clean-up is completed, early September.  To enable limited reopening, the Executive of Kingcrafts has developed the protocols below by following the guidelines of the Province and the Region and by referring to protocols from other member-based organizations.  We particularly thank Burr House for sharing its reopening protocols which were approved by the Town of Richmond Hill as a condition of its reopening on July 6, 2020. 


These protocols are to address the first stage of reopening which is intended to enable members to work individually within specific areas of the facility.  This stage will not include meetings or group activities such as workshops.  These protocols for the studio as a whole are to be read in conjunction with protocols for specific groups posted on our website.  As situations change, protocols will be adapted to suit.  Members are advised to read emails and monitor the website for changes.


In developing these protocols, we are attempting to create a safe environment in which our members are comfortable to resume their activities, albeit in a limited manner.  However, each individual’s comfort level varies and decisions to participate at this stage will be made accordingly.  Briefly, the protocols address the four goals:

  1.  Maintain physical distancing of members at the studio

  2. Work to keep the virus out by monitoring access, promoting hygiene, and regularly cleaning the facility

  3. Keep concise records on who utilizes the facility, to assist with any need for contact tracing 

  4. Educate members on best practices for maintaining a healthy and active facility moving forward.


The following measures will be in effect:

General Operations

  • Hours of operation will be as outlined on our website, with each group using its designated times.  Scheduling to secure a time for access will be done on-line or through the convenor, as determined by the convenor.  Extra time may be available on the weekends, through the online sign up process only.

  • The facility will be off limits outside hours of operation.  Members should arrive outside the facility not more than ten (10) minutes before their scheduled time and should leave at the end of their scheduled session, or earlier.

  • The facility will only be accessible to Kingcrafts’ members who have completed and returned a signed and dated agreement and who have scheduled a time.  No visitors, non-members, or unscheduled drop-ins will be allowed at any time, unless authorized by the core of the Executive.

  • No more than five (5) members will be scheduled for each level at any one time.

  • All members must wear a mask and must hand sanitize on entry to the facility.  A mask must be worn at all times while working and moving within the facility, consistent with York Region’s bylaw for indoor publicly accessible spaces. 

  • All members must sign in and out manually in the Attendance Log Book which is provided, including full name, date, time in and out, and contact information as indicated in the Log Book.

  • Kitchen is completely off limits with the exception of the sink for hand washing and facility cleanup only.  No utensils, mugs, kettle, fridge, etc. are to be used. Should you bring a drink or snack it must be kept at your work station. 

  • The only exception to this use of sinks will be for activities which require water and the use of a sink(s) to undertake the activity, such as felting.

  • Prior to leaving, your work station and all equipment used are to be cleaned according to specific group protocols.


Group Specific Reopening Plans

  • Each convenor will develop and submit work space plans and specific protocols to meet the needs of their individual groups.

  • Group specific protocols are to include method of cleaning group specific equipment.

  • Workstations are to be planned at least 6 feet apart.

  • Group specific plans and protocols will be submitted to the protocol committee for approval.  The objective will be compliance with overall protocols and  consistent approach among groups.

  •   Approved group specific plans and protocols will be posted on the website and near the specific group’s workspace.


Use of Equipment and Materials

  • Members are strongly encouraged to bring and use their own equipment and take it home after their shift. When this is not possible and Kingcrafts’ equipment is used all equipment must be thoroughly sanitized and returned to its storage place.  Each convenor will help members comply with this expectation as each group is unique.

  • Borrowed Kingcrafts’ equipment must be sanitized upon return, as determined by each specific group.

  • Time to sanitize your work area and any equipment properly, and to pack your belongings, is included as part of your scheduled time in the facility.  Allow yourself enough time to complete these tasks and leave the facility so as to not interfere with the next scheduled members.


Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols:

  • The facility will be thoroughly cleaned after window replacement.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer), or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available, before touching any items in the facility outside your designated work area. Washroom is to be cleaned with the provided cleaner after each use.

  • It is the responsibility of each member to sanitize their work area properly after each use.

  • All members are to take their personal garbage home with them.

  • Sanitizing products will be available for usage, suitable for each area.  Signage about hygiene and cleaning will be displayed demonstrating proper hand washing and cleaning expectations.


Health Situations 

Do not come to Kingcrafts if

  • You are feeling unwell, have a fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing or flu-like symptoms or you have been in contact with, work with or reside with someone who has any of these symptoms. You must stay away from the facility for at least 14 days after such symptoms have ended.

  • If you have been in contact with someone exposed to COVID19 or if you or a member of your social circle or any other of your contacts have tested positive for COVID 19,  wait at least 14 days following exposure or until you have received clearance from Public Health before returning to the facility.

  • A person who tests positive or who is in contact with a person who tests positive, report such test results to our president (Cathy Richards - 647-515-4208 as well as to Public Health as soon as the test result is known.


Further information about COVID-19 and precautions is available on the York Region website 

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