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Kingcrafts Studio welcomes the enthusiasm and participation of new members. Individuals with no experience that have a desire to learn are welcome to join most of our studio groups, however a few groups do require a prerequisite skill level before joining. In our organization, current members offer informal instruction to new members, and it is imperative that all members volunteer in some capacity to keep our studio functioning. For more information, please read about our membership benefits, responsibilities, fees, and details below. 

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fill out the new member application form.

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fill out the membership renewal form.

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membership benefits

what our community can offer you


Educational Opportunities

there are countless opportunities throughout the year for artists to learn new skills and progress in their craft. they can learn from other members as well as master crafters, developing their abilities week-by-week.


Showcase & Sell Your Art

opportunities to display and sell your art at our studio sales (and art shows, if you are a fine artist) are bountiful. we host two studio sales and one art show per year, which attract local admirers and buyers.


it is important to note that all items must pass quality standards and members must have paid for a yearly membership in order to participate in studio sales. 


Unlimited Studio Groups

members can join as many studio groups as they choose. they can explore and experiment with any number of the crafting styles and mediums offered at Kingcrafts.


Friendship & Camaraderie

one of the best ways to make new friends is to craft together. bond with peers over the process of making art and navigating the inevitable successes and failures that come with it. be mentored and mentor others. get involved by attending our informative general membership meetings.

membership responsibilities

as a member, you are responsible for...


Volunteering at Studio Sales

helping with our studio sales and art shows looks like setting up the displays or taking them down afterwards, or attending the sales to assist the cashier with purchases and answer questions from attendees.


Helping to Manage The Studio

this entails helping out with the many indoor (i.e. maintaining supplies), outdoor (i.e. gardening), and/or administrative tasks required to manage the building.

membership fees & details

the yearly membership fee is $300 (no tax)

membership in Kingcrafts runs from July 1st to June 30th every year, and renewal forms are filled out in June.

the start date of a membership is dependent on available space and specific group requirements

first time members will be eligible for a pro-rated fee depending on the month in which they join

members in the pottery group may have additional minimal charges to cover group-specific costs

group-specific supplies cost extra and personal tools may be required to participate in studio groups

PLEASE NOTE: our pottery group is currently at capacity and not accepting new members. to join the waiting list please fill out a new member application form and indicate "pottery," but do not send payment.





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