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this is who we are.

our mission

Pottery Workshop

We are a non-profit volunteer run studio and gallery where members of every skill level are brought together by their shared interest in arts and crafts. Members work in supportive, informal studio groups, learning from one another as they create. In addition to our studio groups, we participate in community events and offer specialized workshops for the community.​

Our mission is to promote the various crafts in King and surrounding districts, promote the skill and artistry of those practicing the crafts, and foster a community spirit through the medium of handicrafts.

our story

Kingcrafts was founded in 1950 by Lady Muriel L. Flavelle. The original four groups worked out of the basement of the local Anglican Church but outgrew that facility. By 1953, a lot was purchased and a building was designed specifically to suit their needs.


Kingcrafts was incorporated in 1955 and in 1956, moved into its current home. The group held its first studio sale in 1952 to raise funds for equipment. Raffle tickets on items donated by Kingcrafts members and sales raised $1200 which allowed them funds to pay for professional instructors to improve their skills. The tradition of hosting studio sales has become a twice annual event held in April and November. 

The original groups established in 1950 included rug hooking, weaving, smocking and leatherwork.  In 1953, a sketching group was added and in 1954, ceramics and flower arranging joined the thriving organization.

Studio groups have evolved over the years to include enamelling, pottery, art, stained glass, decorative arts, modern quilting, needlework, garden arts, beadwork and wire sculpture. Groups continue to change and fluctuate according to demand.

Kingcrafts Studio Group Quiliting - historical photo
Historical images courtesy of the King Township Museum & Archives

Typically, members work independently at developing their skills but at times they work together on specific projects. It is the shared learning experience, improving both skills and artistry from the wisdom and expertise of one another, that is most important to the Kingcrafts' family.

our building

Our studio has been the home of local crafters since 1956! Under the direction of Kingcrafts founder Lady M. Flavelle, our studio was built from the ground up by the efforts and funds that were raised by some of our earliest members.


Today, our studio serves as the common creating space for our various studio groups and is used as a gallery to showcase our one of a kind creations, especially during our studio sales and art shows.

our location

We are located at 12936 Keele Street, in the heart of King City!

Visitors are welcome to drop by our studio when the "open" sign is illuminated.

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