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Booking Studio Time

Kindly make your booking no earlier than two weeks in advance to ensure everyone has an opportunity to schedule time at the studio. 

Don't forget to delete your booking if you decide not to come in.


Do I have to book time to go pop into the studio? 

If you are popping in for less than 10 minutes you do not need to book into the schedule.  Check the schedule and make sure when you are going that the building is not at capacity.  Members who have signed up will have priority.  **You must still sign the sign-up sheet at the studio when you arrive. **

Can a convener book more than one spot? 

Yes, conveners  can book spots off for their group.  It will show a name with quantity of spots booked but not all member’s names will appear on the schedule.  **All members still must sign the sign-up sheet at the studio when they arrive.


I can’t see the schedule. 

Refresh your browser.

I can’t edit my time slot. 

You must be signed in to edit or cancel a time slot.

Can I book more than one time slot at a time? 

Yes, please just be fair so all members have an opportunity to book time at the studio.  If you book a morning wait until closer to the scheduled time slot and if it is still open you can sign up for more time.

Can I book in a different group’s time slot?

Please only do this the morning of an assigned group time if the group has not booked anytime. 

Instructions for Booking System

Go to SuperSaaS website and Log In.
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To REMOVE your Booking...

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