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The Lady Flavelle Arts Scholarship Guidelines

•The candidate must be a graduating grade 12 student from one of the following schools; King City S.S., Villanova College, The Country Day School, or Cardinal Carter Catholic H.S..

•The scholarship is given to a student intending to further their education in the field of art. A plan of full-time studies in an accredited institution must be included with this application.

•Artwork (e.g. paintings/sculptures/photographs/pottery/etc…) submitted must demonstrate artistic principles with evidence of exploration and personal  development of the creative process.

•Kingcrafts reserves the right to select one or two candidates for the scholarship.

•Scholarship will be given upon proof of enrollment in an accredited college/university art program for the upcoming school year.


Application due: May 30th

•The candidate will submit a recent resume for review by scholarship committee.

•Two letters of reference to endorse the candidate’s artistic development and future educational plans.

•Six electronic photos of recent original works.  Include a complete description of the medium, size, materials used and date of completion.

•Email application submissions or questions to


•The artists may be required to bring three pieces of their actual art works to Kingcrafts Studio for final review.

•By mid-June the successful candidate will be notified by the Scholarship Committee

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