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How to get your contactless raffle tickets!

We are pleased to announce that you can once again purchase your raffle tickets contactless...with an e-transfer!


Here's how it works:


1. Go to your online banking website to send the e-transfer.


2. Set up as the recipient of the e-transfer.


3. Your bank website will allow you to send a "message" with your e-transfer.  We need you to include some important information so we can get your tickets to you!

  1. your email ** MANDATORY **

  2. your name

  3. your phone number.

(note: some banks limit the size of your message, 

so we've listed what we need in order of priority)


4. The dollar amount you send will tell us how many tickets you'd like. 

  • A book of 12 tickets is $20

  • 6 tickets are $10

  • 3 tickets are $5


5. You will then be emailed a photo of your raffle tickets from one of our amazing member volunteers!


Draw is the last day of our Studio Sale on Nov. 27th...GOOD LUCK!


The following website will guide you through the process if you are new to e-transfers.

Basket 1

  • Pottery platter/tray

  • Needlework cards (x2)

  • Fine art painting

  • Leather coin purse

  • Pottery candle holder

  • Knitted scarf

  • Pottery bowl

  • Knitted wash clothes

  • Woven tea towel

   ($200 value)

  • Pottery pitchers (x2)

  • Needlework cards (x2)

  • Fibre art framed picture

  • Knitted baby hats (x2)

  • Felted mittens

  • Pottery bowl - blue

  • Knitted head band

  • Knitted scarf

   ($200 value)

Basket 2

Raffle Draw Fundraiser Baskets

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