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Thank You Ontario Trillium Foundation!


2022 Grant

Kingcrafts would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2022 to fund:

  • a safe studio environment that meets Covid public health requirements.


  • operating costs for 12 months to help our studio weather the Covid storm considering the 73% loss of annual revenue with the lack of in-person events.

  • equipment, set-up, training, and experience necessary to pivot to new online/digital technology.

Thank you OTF!

2019 Grant

Kingcrafts was thrilled to be the recipient of an OTF grant in 2019 and with their support we were able to update many aspects of our aging building.

  • New Windows!

  • New Doors!

  • New LED Lighting!

  • New Ceiling Fans!

  • New Ventilation!

  • New Accessibility Front Door!

Have a look at some of our before and after picture to see how much the OTF grant has impacted the studio space for our members and visitors.

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