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membership fees & benefits

membership in Kingcrafts runs from July 1 - June 30

Membership Fee: $240 (no tax)

  • first time members will be eligible for a pro-rated fee depending on the month in which they join.

  • start date of membership is dependent on available space and specific group requirements.

  • group specific supplies are extra and personal tools may be required.

  • *NOTE* - members in the pottery group have an additional charge of $25.

Member Benefits:

  • members can join as many studio groups as they choose.

  • educational opportunities for artists.

  • opportunity to showcase and sell your art.

    • note: all items must pass quality standards and members must have paid for a yearly membership in order to participate in studio sales.

  • friendship, mentorship, & camaraderie.

  • informative general membership meetings.

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