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the fine art group

The group works primarily in acrylics and watercolours but some members experiment with oil painting, mixed media and silk painting.  


The members work independently but share techniques and have informal group critique sessions. They also host regular fine art workshops and product demonstrations.

Svea Frantila 2.jpg



Thursdays 10am - 3pm

the annual art show & sale

Every autumn, our group hosts an art show at Kingcrafts Studio to showcase and sell our work with the help of the Kingcrafts volunteer community.  For an entire weekend, our art is put on display to be marvelled at and appreciated by the public.  Come on by and show some support for your local artists this year!  It would mean the world to us.

The Fine Art Digital Gallery

the Kingcrafts fine art digital gallery

View some of the incredible work produced by our fine artists below, along with a little taste of their inspiration.  To further explore and advance their creativity and skills, the artists continue to engage in a variety of learning activities and peer mentoring.  Their unique artwork showcases their individual creative style, knowledge and expertise.

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