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Wire Art

Protocols for Operating During COVID-19

(last updated June 24, 2021)



To enable the limited reopening the Executive of Kingcrafts has developed General Operating Protocols.  This memo provides additional protocols specific to the wire art group.



  1. Members will adhere to all Kingcrafts' General Operating Protocols, and as adapted to changing circumstances.

  2. Scheduling of individual assigned times will be done using the online/website system only.  

  3. Members are encouraged to bring their own equipment and wire.

  4. Do not enter the workstations and areas in use by other groups. If you must, keep your distance.

  5. When weather allows, windows or the back door should be opened to provide fresh air to the area.  They must be closed before leaving and the latching mechanism sanitized along with your work stations.

  6. Magazines and books are not available for use during this initial period.

  7. After completing the online steps regarding protocols, the waiver can be “signed” and you will be allowed to schedule to enter the building.

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