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Protocols for Operating During COVID-19

(last updated June 24, 2021)



To enable the limited reopening the Executive of Kingcrafts has developed General Operating Protocols.  This memo provides additional protocols specific to the enamelling group.

Convenor Communication with Group

  1. The Convenor (or alternate) will email members on Mondays to determine who is planning to attend the Tuesday enamelling group or members need to book themselves with the Online Booking System.


Enamelling Protocols

  1. All members must bring a garbage bag and take home all personal and enamelling’s garbage e.g., sifting paper, enamel, etc.

  2. Adhere to all the in house COVID protocol such as washing hands or using hand sanitizers, wearing masks at all times, physically distancing at least 6 feet.

  3. Limit movement as much as possible.

  4. Those who have home kilns could consider firing at home and doing prep work in the studio to reduce contacts.


Convenor (or Alternate) Set Up

  1. The convenor or alternate will be responsible to

  • Turn on kiln.

  • Open enamelling’s cabinet (leave doors open until departure) set up pickle.

  • Allocate tables/workstation at least 6 feet apart.

  2. The convenor will determine order of the day’s procedures adhering to the following protocols:

  • Enamelling’s cupboard

  • Access by the far west door to room.

  • Only 1 member at a time.

  • Hand sanitize after removing items from cupboard.

    • Remove needed supplies for the day’s use at your table.

    • Make every attempt to have only one trip to the cupboard at set up time.

  • Choose trivets required for firing and take to personal work table.

  • Firing and Cleaning Sessions

  • Only 1 member to use kiln, stainless counter, lamp, pickle and sink area at a time.

  • Members will rotate firing and pickle/cleaning sessions, according to schedule set up by convenor.  Prepare a number of items to fire/pickle during your session.

  • Shared Tools, such as, kiln, lifter, meshes, and glove, etc.

  • Use hand sanitizer before use.

  • If using kiln glove, bring latex disposable gloves before inserting hand in glove.

  • Dispose of latex gloves in personal garbage bag after each use.

    • Each person will clean using product provided all spaces touched, such as, tools, countertop, sink, pickle pot and kiln handle at end of session.


Personal worktable

  1. Limit movement, stay in one’s space as much as possible.

  2. Do not use sprays – paint Klyr fire on object rather than spray

  3. Bring supplies from home when possible


Clean Up

  1. Disinfect work table and chair, and clean up according to house protocols

  2. Each person wipes down items with disinfectant before returning to cupboard.   

  3. Disinfect cupboard door handle, stainless countertop, sink & countertop

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