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Fine Art

Protocols for Operating During COVID-19

(last updated June 24, 2021)



To enable the limited reopening the Executive of Kingcrafts has developed General Operating Protocols. This memo provides additional protocols specific to the Fine Art Group.

Fine Art Members - Specific Protocols


  1. Members will adhere to all Kingcrafts General Operating Protocols, and as adapted to changing circumstances.

  2. Note: Kingcrafts will be supplying a disinfectant solution to sanitize items we use each visit.

  3. The artists will be required to follow the provincial occupancy guidelines during the time allocated to Fine Art to allow for the required physical distance of 6 feet on both levels if needed.  “Open” time can be also be booked online, as available.

  4. The artists using upstairs space will need to bring an old bed sheet or floor covering to put down on the floor around their work space to protect the rug from paint or other materials being used.  Such floor coverings should be taken home and washed at the end of each session.

  5. Members are encouraged to use the plastic table cloths on the tables to protect them from dropping paint.

  6. You can bring your own easel if you wish and must take it home with you after the session.

  7. Kingcrafts’ magazines and books are not available for use during this initial period.  Artists may bring their own magazines and books for reference. These should be kept at the individual artist’s workstation, and not shared.

  8. When weather allows, windows should be opened to provide fresh air to the area.  They must be closed before leaving and the latching mechanism sanitized.



  1. Any Kingcrafts’ equipment which is used must be sanitized with the provided solution before it is replaced in its storage location.

  2. All plastic table cloths must be wiped down with the spray sanitizer supplied and allowed to dry completely before folding them up and storing them in the art cupboard

  3. Easels must be completely wiped down with the provided sanitizer and allowed to dry before returning them to our art cupboard in the case of regular or table top easels, or near the fridge for the larger easels.

  4. When we dispose of the dirty water in the bucket outside, the handles on the doors must be sanitized after we lock them up before leaving the site.

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