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Protocols for Operating During COVID-19

(last updated June 24, 2021)

General information

We hope to resume limited use of the Kingcrafts’ facility soon!

  1. Read: General Operating Protocols (located on the Members Only window of Kingcrafts’ website) for general instructions in regards to signing in, washroom use, hand washing, etc.

  2. Masks are to be worn at all times inside the building.

  3. Needlework’s allotted space is upstairs on Mondays from 9 am to 1 pm.



  1. Email the convenor by the Sunday afternoon if you plan to attend Monday morning.

  2. Bring all your own equipment and supplies from home.

  3. Needlework’s bookshelf and equipment cupboard are closed for the time being.

  4. There is a map on the wall by the clock for the seating arrangements so that we safely social distance.

  5. All food and drinks come from home and stay in your own spot.

  6. Bring a bag to take garbage home with you, including any yarn scraps etc.

  7. Sanitize your table area and any chair arms before you leave and do the same with the light switches as you turn them off when leaving. Sanitizing spray and wipes will be available upstairs.

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