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Fibre Art

Protocols for Operating During COVID-19

(last updated June 24, 2021)


To enable the limited reopening the Executive of Kingcrafts has developed General Operating Protocols. This memo provides additional protocols specific to the fibre art group.


Facility Set Up

We will still use the lower level space, one table per person, and maintain the required six-foot distance.  (Tables to be spread apart, as required.) 


General Reminders

  1. Scheduling of individual assigned times will be done using the online system only. See the Kingcrafts website for these times as they may be modified.

  2. Sign in when you arrive. Use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

  3. Each member should bring own lunch and beverage (fridge, stove, kettle and microwave use is prohibited.)

  4. Please bring a large plastic cover for your table area.

  5. Bring a few band aides, in case of pricked fingers. 

  6. Sanitize taps if sinks are used to obtain water.

  7. Sanitize washroom after use.

  8. Each member is to bring a mask to wear, and a bag for personal garbage.


Clean Up

  1. Clean your workstation tabletop before you leave.  Do the same with any high touch areas such as handrails and also light switches as you turn them off when leaving. Sanitizing spray and wipes will be available upstairs, provided by Kingcrafts.

  2. Plastic cover and scrap fibres are to be taken home with you.

  3. Take home personal garbage bag.

  4. Sign out when leaving.

  5. Last person leaving to ensure that all doors and windows are locked.

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