Become a Member:

Kingcrafts welcomes the enthusiasm and particpation of new members.  Individuals with no experience but with a desire to learn are welcome to join any studio group.  The first two visits are free. Kingcraft members offer informal instruction for new members.

Please contact our membership convenor, Susan Williams at:


First two sessions are free to new members.

Membership draw memberships are for a 6 month period.

Membership in Kingcrafts runs from July 1- June 30 and costs $175.00 (no taxes) Payments can be transferred via:

New members only  will get pro-rated fees, depending upon the month in which they join.

Drop in fee is $15.00 plus supplies*


Member Benefits:

-Members can join as many groups as they choose *

-Educational opportunities for artists

-A place to showcase and sell your (quality controlled) art upon payment of a full yearly membership. Kingcrafts holds two sales a year.

-Photos of your work, artist statements, bio, and contact information.

-Friendship,mentorship and camaraderie

-Membership, if desired in Kingcrafts 4 Us Facebook group.

-10 delicious lunches a year following  general meetings on the 4th Wed. of the month (July and August excepted). Each group takes it in turn to provide the meal.

* supplies are extra and sold at cost

**please bring your own lunch to your regular studio group meetings