Kingcrafts Studio: 12936 Keele St., King City, ON  L7B 1H8    

(south of King Sideroad, north of King- Vaughan Sideroad,  on the west side of Keele)


Mon.-Fri.-10:30 -3:00

Tues., Wed., Thurs., 6-9pm.

         E-MAIL/PHONE:                                     EXECUTIVE:

 E-Mail :                         

  OR                     President: Cathy Richards

Publicity E-Mail:             Vice-presidentAthena Antiochos 

Treasurer:   Secretary: Tanya Wallgren

Telephone: 905 833-1897                     Treasurer: Deb Reilly

Instagram: Kingcrafts4u                                 Past President: Julie Coleman

Facebook: Kingcrafts                                     Studio Treasurer: Kathie Carr

Twitter: @Kingcrafts4u                                   Past President: Kathie Carr

LinkedIn: Kingcrafts


 Individual artists can be contacted at:  or

-To receive notification of studio sales and workshops, please click on the tab and add your information or sign the guestbook.

-Visitors are welcome whenever the "open " sign is illuminated or the sandwich board is out.

-Kingcrafts House is available for rent .